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Shaken, not stirred: How the Uranus / North Node / Mars Conjunction Affects You (+ Starseed Advice)

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Uranus / North Node / Mars in Taurus Conjunction
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Have you been feeling a little “burn it all down” lately? A little shaken, not stirred, a little looking for a fight, or feeling one’s brought to you… yeah, that’s probably the Monday-Tuesday Uranus / North Node / Mars conjunction.

In the last 3 days, I’ve come up with four new business ideas, two new life visions, five product ideas, and a surpassing desire to just cut loose a whole lot of past stuff!

Equal parts thrilling and terrifying!

But 100% a force for personal growth…

So, what’s a conjunction?

Multiple planets or points smushed together or at least within a couple of degrees one Zodiac sign - all the energies amplifying each other.

For good or ill…imagine a bunch of kindergarteners squashed into a small room - harmonious play or a messy slugfest?

So how do you get to harmonious and great and avoid messy? Well, remember that sometimes messy is a prelude to harmonious and great

Your route to conjunction productivity can depend on your natal chart factors (Jupiter or Venus between 15°-17° in any sign suggest a smoother path to harmony and greatness. Mars, Saturn, Chiron, or Lilith at 15°-17° mean you may have to walk through the mud a bit to find the pearls of wisdom - more on this in email #2 tomorrow)

Ultimately, everyone can use the conjunction for life progress. The energy’s initial manifestation is a function of your personal soul path, but using it productively is a function of your free will.

Feel free to use this link to book a free consultation if you would like more information on how this impacts your chart.

Or keep reading...

What are this conjunction's ingredients?

Uranus - rebellion, chaotic energy, the drive to be unique, sudden change, progress sometimes by revolution

Mars - what you fight for but also what you fight with, struggle, vigor, challenge, physical strength, masculine or yang energy

The North Node - your soul’s evolutionary path in this lifetime, something you get better at over time, maybe not so comfortable at the beginning (that’s why you have to get better at it)

Taurus - comfort; security; your relationship to the physical or material world; spending time in nature; making money; enjoying comforts like good food, roof over your head, comfortable bed

Opposition to the South Node in Scorpio - Letting go of your old comfort zone, releasing constraints of your past conditioning, turning towards the future rather than taking refuge in what you’ve always clung to

Now use this for yourself

Take a moment and ask:

  • Do any of this themes resonate with me now?

  • Am I feeling a drive toward change, evolution, or struggle in my current experiences, feelings, or challenges?

  • How might I dive in to take charge of changing what’s ready to be different in my life?

Starseed + Sensitive Soul tip:

Got past messages denigrating who you are, your sensitivity, passion for cosmic connection or feeling that you're not entirely from Earth?

This is a great time to release those!

Leverage the extra Mars / Uranus energy on the North Node to move away from your attachment to limiting authority figure or social messages about your value or worth. Find security in who you truly are, not in the refuge of conformity to others' opinions.

Double thumbs up for you, sweetie!

More special advice to Starseeds + Sensitive Souls coming in Part 2…

What you might be experiencing

NOTE: Although the close conjunction is on August 1 and 2, 2022, these energies will kick off changes that will be active long after that.

  • A sense of restlessness

  • Desire to shake things up or take a new path

  • Frustration with how things have been going

  • Rebellious feelings

  • Support in stepping out of your comfort zone

  • Finally saying, “You know what? The heck with it! I’m just going to do this.”

  • Looking for somebody to fight with

  • Looking for somebody to fight for

How to make the most of this energy - harmonious and great sooner rather than later!

  1. Notice how you feel positive, and leverage everything that seems helpful:

  • Are you full of new ideas?

  • Inspired to finally make that change you’ve been contemplating?

  • Use this energy to finally get out of your rut.

  • Get motivated to stop taking security in material things and finally be secure in who you are.

2. Notice how you feel less good, and question or slow down things that don’t seem helpful:

  • Are you irritable?

  • Suddenly inexplicably dissatisfied with things that seemed pretty good just a week ago?

  • Avoid picking an external fight to make up for your internal discomfort.

  • Soothe yourself if what’s outside your comfort zone seems way too uncomfortable.

  • Avoid chucking out the baby along with the bathwater.

If you're having trouble finding this energy in your life...

Consider the life areas related to the Taurus house in your natal chart and consider activities related to any planets you have in Taurus. If you’re not sure what each house symbolizes, use this link to my keyword document. If you’re not sure what house Taurus is in, you can create a free account on and generate your chart. Or email me, and I’ll help you figure it out.

To find your Taurus house, look around the chart rim for the the green symbol of a circle with two horns on top (representing the bull’s head). Then look at the central core of the chart to find the number of that house.

For example, my natal chart has Taurus in the 3rd house, so I'm experiencing lots of information-based changes: tons of new ideas for communication topics, book ideas, class ideas. BTW, stay tuned for more of these coming to you in the next few months.

Part #2 of this post contains more information about identifying how these energies affect other planets in your chart.

The bottom line

In general, it’s a great time to make concrete intentional change, shake up what's stale, and rework things that don’t bring satisfaction.

In general, it's not a great time to make major life decisions on a whim or act from anger, frustration, or “burn it all down, dammit."

This is a great astrology opportunity to move forward with any stuck areas - please leave a comment and let me know how you're making use of this energy powerhouse!

We will be talking about the Uranus / North Node part of this conjunction at the August 12th Aquarius Full Moon + Starseed Info at my Spiritsaid Style Meetup group because the moon squares this key point! Please come if you want more help on how those energies affect your life - there’ll be time to ask your questions.

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