What Clients Say!

"This reading was so powerful! I didn't expect to get an explanation of what was happening to me, but Robin's use of the classical astrology techniques got down, deep, to the source of my true nature. These techniques go beyond superficial questions and help you understand your true spiritual path. It gave me confidence and surety where before I had been just going on guesswork. Our experience was transformative. I came away from the reading with a whole new understanding of what I can do."

Jacqueline B., Los Angeles, CA


"Very, very helpful! It made my spiritual path more clear and confirmed some of my personal strengths, that they aren't mistakes. That will help me not fight against them. Now I understand more about how to use my abilities. Robin also demonstrated other astrology charts like synastry relationship. The experience exceeded my expectations! Going through the recording and taking notes, marinating in all of the data is really helping me understand myself better. I referred a friend!"


Elizabeth V., Minneola, FL


"Robin is one of the most trusted speakers and teachers among my colleagues. She is always a wealth of good knowledge as well as a highly evolved spiritual individual suited to assist other people's development. I am very privileged to have attended her classes!"

Audrey Lee, Owner


"Her knowledge of the Lenormand card deck is incredible. I learned so much more! Robin's reading for me was very insightful. Her intuition is amazing. I look forward to learning more from her!"

Nicole O., Denver, CO

"My reading from Robin was amazing! I gained new insights into my natal chart. Robin is an excellent storyteller, and her ability to tell such intriguing stories while explaining my chart and celestial activities was my favorite part! I learned new things about mythology and how it relates to astrology. I highly recommend getting a reading from Robin, even if you've had natal chart readings before, Robin's approach is delightfully unique!"

Valorie L., Overland Park, KS

Tarot Card Reader - Goddess with an Attitude

Tarot, Unicorns, and Coffee Meetup

"I loved everything I learned in the reading! It all resonated and was very helpful. It was fascinating to learn about astrology. I'm excited to dig in and research more. Robin gave me lots of ideas about making progress on my spiritual path, even suggesting how I could incorporate my love of nature and involve my family. We also went over suggestions for  releasing old wounds and healing my family lineage. It was so fun, and I learned a lot."

Mindy S., North Bend Minnesota

"Robin has an amazing gift and the mythological stories are so helpful and unique in how she tied them all together. Her insight on my personality and ways I interact with others as well as potential fields of study was truly enlightening!" 

Gillian B., Seattle, WA

Crystal Reiki, Clearings, Energy Healing


"Thank you so much for the reading and your insights. It was as though you could read my mind. It was a tremendous help. I feel so much better about everything. I will be in touch soon to arrange another talk."

Barry T., Niagra Falls, Canada

"Doing an astrology session and chart reading with Robin Pool felt like traveling through the stars themselves. I discovered the important distinction between sidereal and tropical astrology, their significance and history. Robin then very skillfully guided me through my own horoscope, paying extremely close attention to how my own zodiac sign (the Taurus) and the significant planets, signs, and angles could connect to develop the person that I am at heart and in spirit. Robin revealed to me how astrology can instruct my own physical, intellectual, creative, and social potential and future risks, and how these skills and pieces of information of the inner world can guide you in making practical life choices. Thank you, Robin, for a very informative and fun discovery!"

Mishka S., Turkey

"This reading was very helpful. Robin's chart analysis showed me how a series of seemingly disconnected life events were actually my spiritual gifts manifesting all along. Her suggestions for using dreams to receive spiritual answers, leveraging my 2nd-house planets to study herbalism, and finding energizing ways to contribute showed me how to use my gifts to support myself while I am also helping others. I learned a lot, and I have plenty to work on to continue my spiritual growth"

Claudette C., Randolph, MA