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Spiritual Path Coaching

Elizabeth V. gained clarity on her spiritual path

"Very, very helpful! It made my spiritual path more clear and confirmed some of my personal strengths, that they aren't mistakes. That will help me not fight against them. Now I understand more about how to use my abilities. Robin also demonstrated other astrology charts like synastry relationship. The experience exceeded my expectations! Going through the recording and taking notes, marinating in all of the data is really helping me understand myself better. I referred a friend!"


Elizabeth V., Minneola, FL


"This reading was very helpful. Robin's chart analysis showed me how a series of seemingly disconnected life events were actually my spiritual gifts manifesting all along. Her suggestions for using dreams to receive spiritual answers, leveraging my 2nd-house planets to study herbalism, and finding energizing ways to contribute showed me how to use my gifts to support myself while I am also helping others. I learned a lot, and I have plenty to work on to continue my spiritual growth."

Claudette C., Randolph, MA

"You are a miracle-worker! After our first session, all the negative energy around me was gone! Thank you so much for your coaching and your insights. It was as though you could read my mind. It was a tremendous help. I feel so much better about everything. I will be in touch soon to arrange another session."

Barry T., Niagra Falls, Canada

Amy R. embraced her inner warrior goddess

"I needed a little bit of time to process all of the powerful information. I feel so validated and heard and now know that I am right where I need to be. Your guidance showed me what I needed to honestly see that I am strong & gracious. I came earthside to battle the traumas of my ancestry. I am empowered now to continue on with my journey & to step into my role as a warrior goddess. I really appreciated your understanding and kindness. I look forward to meeting with you again."

Amy R., Eugene, OR

"Holy smokes, you hit the nail on the head! I was amazed by how accurate this reading was. So many of the things things you mentioned resonated with me. The combination of your abilities to tune in with spirit, along with your description of the mythology of the asteroids in my chart have provided excellent examples of how I can create a more practical, grounded experience for myself & even creatively express with others the communication I receive. Hearing more from Spirit about my gifts and using your Metatron's Cube Analysis to work with my communication partners will help me to further advance. I can use these energies more productively in my tarot & intuitive readings.

Your kind nature was very welcoming. I believe you could help anyone relax that might be a bit nervous in getting a reading. The way you construct your charts with color keys & notations is very much appreciated. Particularly for someone, such as myself, who has no understanding of astrology!  

Thank you, Robin! What a remarkable job!"

Ava, Colorado 

Joseph S. embraced his dualities and shadows

"If you've not yet had an appointment with Robin, I highly recommend that you book one as an investment in yourself.

The session moves through a very natural flow of exploring highlighted planetary energies in your chart and concludes with a recap email summarizing the major themes discussed and list of helpful suggestions around balancing those areas.

I'd like to say that as a person of colour and identifying as a part of the LGBTQ community, I felt that Robin created a safe and non-judgemental space for me to express my authentic truth, including my shadows and dualities -- all reflected in my chart. I definitely don't share with just anyone, and this really allowed me to open up and delve into a meeting with the parts of myself that have needed to speak with me for a very long time.

In addition to an immense and ever-growing base of knowledge that Robin wields expertly, she has an empathic gift that allows her to supportively walk with you through your own realize/release process while also seeing scenarios from a bird's eye view. Best of both worlds really. I left the discussion knowing that something profound just took place and that  I was just as much involved in making it happen.

If you are ready to find the help needed to explore the parts of yourself that you keep hidden and to reframe them into unique points of power, Robin is your Person.

Joseph B. S.,  Toronto, Canada.

Ava heard from Spirit about her gifts
Screenshot 2022-01-26 12.59.44 AM.png

Group Classes

"Robin is one of the most trusted speakers and teachers among my colleagues. She is always a wealth of good knowledge as well as a highly evolved spiritual individual suited to assist other people's development. I am very privileged to have attended her classes!"

Audrey Lee, Owner


"The "Tarot and Runes" class was absolutely awesome!! You are just such a pro and a natural! It is so pleasant and soothing to listen to you, and I know the whole audience feels the same. Great, great job!" 

 Holly T. Portland, OR

"Your classes are super accessible energy-wise. The step-by-step explanations are very useful to show anyone how they can do these rituals and tailor them to their needs."

Gray F.S., Portland, OR

"Robin, you are fantastic. Your authenticity comes through which makes people want to listen to you. You do not try to make your way the only way. You want people to find a way that works best for them. This gives you power, and makes you worth learning from."

Debra M. Kent, WA

"I have to say, this is one of the best events I have enjoyed. It felt productive, and I loved the way you structured the entire content. Lots of gratitude and love and energy :)"

Author Subramanyam

Life Coaching

"Thank you so so much for these two wonderful experiences; it's truly a splendid way to spend the new year! I really admire you and your work; you are a blessing! I learned a lot from our time together and feel more confident about my scholarly endeavors as a result, as well. I hope that if the possibility of teaching undergraduate/graduate students does indeed become possible, I will set up a third appointment w/ you next month. Should any other issues/concerns come to mind, I will let you know since I was very satisfied w/ my experiences. Thank you again for readings and words of wisdom."

Joyce A., New York, NY

Graduate Student, City University, NY

"I now have a dynamite life plan I am excited about!"

Screenshot 2022-01-25 9.15.42 PM.png

"Robin’s intuition and wisdom are exceptional. Not only is she a student of a wide array of astrology techniques, she has a deep knowledge of myth and history that gives true substance to her coaching. I've been stunned by the detail and fit of her advice and suggestions, and when I'm pondering a large choice in life, Robin is often the first person I discuss it with. She is wise beyond my already lofty expectations, and she has a genuine and caring heart for her work and clients."

 Scott O. 

Charlotte, NC


Olga F. learned how to find a career she will love

"Wow, is all I can say! I am walking away from this with so much gratitude and appreciation. This reading confirmed thoughts that were kicking around in my head, but seeing them all written down has helped me know how to make progress. It never occurred to me that I could have a job that worked with my energies and sense of adventure. But now I realize that it's not about sacrificing myself for others but rather finding a job and career that allows me to nurture others and myself at the same time. Robin's reading expanded my understanding of my divine connection with several "I never thought of it that way" moments. I feel like I have so much to think about and work on going forward."


Olga F., Mahwah, NJ

Perrie F. got suggestions for her life challenges

"Wow, this was amazing! I didn't know much about astrology, but Robin was recommended by a friend, and I've always been open-minded, so I booked an appointment. I am so glad I did. It was my first astrology reading, but I could see how much pertinent information Robin got from the chart about my strengths and challenges. She identified a few areas I had already begun to work on and gave me more suggestions about how I could go further. She also highlighted some likely challenges for me to watch out for. There were suggestions about healing, career, life-balance, even what I need in a romantic partner. It was a fascinating foray into personal growth. We had a really enjoyable, useful conversation."


Perrie F., St Paul, MN

Lenormand Cards and Runes

"Her knowledge of the Lenormand card deck is incredible. I learned so much more! Robin's reading for me was very insightful. Her intuition is amazing. I look forward to learning more from her!"

Nicole O., Denver, CO

"I am definitely interested in learning more about Lenormand cards. Robin's readings were so spot on." 

G.F.S. Portland, OR

Elizabeth Burkeley profile picture (1).jpg

"Robin's Rune PDF is an incredible source of information. There is so much knowledge there! I refer to it all the time in my readings."

Elizabeth B. McKinney, TX
Professional Tarot Reader 
Willow Root Tarot

"I was totally new to the Lenormand system, but after seeing it in action, I was amazed by how accurate and detailed the readings were! I also like Robin's approach because of her modern and empowering interpretations." 

Alexis L. San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for your input on my version of the "Who's Doing What?" spread you showed in your Tarot and Runes class. Your interpretation is spot on. It really added a lot to what I came up with, lol. It's almost like you've been doing this a while." 

Mischa B., Denver, CO

Couples and Parent/Child Consulting

Elizabeth V. improved her relationship with her daughter

Robin did a reading for me and my daughter with both of our charts, and it was amazing. Not only did it help me understand her better but she also learned how to be more open towards me, our relationship has greatly improved since then.


Elizabeth V., Minneola, FL


Olga and Mike learned to minimize friction and work together more

"This was my first astrology reading, and I was surprised by how accurate it was! Robin's description of our relationship was right on the money. The friction points she identified are very real in our marriage, and I appreciated her suggestions of how we could get our energies to work together instead of pulling in opposite directions. Her insight on my thoughts and emotions wasn't something I had realized before, but thinking about what she said, it definitely resonated. We are looking forward to future appointments to help us decide on career and housing moves."


Michael F. (with wife Olga), Mahwah, NJ

Astrology Reading

Jacqueline B. saw her deep nature

"This reading was so powerful! I didn't expect to get an explanation of what was happening to me, but Robin's use of the classical astrology techniques got down, deep, to the source of my true nature. These techniques go beyond superficial questions and help you understand your true spiritual path. It gave me confidence and surety where before I had been just going on guesswork. Our experience was transformative. I came away from the reading with a whole new understanding of what I can do."

Jacqueline B., Los Angeles, CA

Rachel gained greater compassion for herself

"While I had previously looked up my chart on a bunch of astrology sites and apps, I didn't really know enough to understand the whole thing and see how that affected me in a tangible, 3D sense. My session revealed a couple of big patterns and helped me better understand some conflicts I’ve noticed in my energies. When Robin pointed out that I had not just one but 2 grand trines, I totally was just like "mind blown!” Seeing some key asteroids in my chart helped me realize that I am balanced and made me feel more compassionate about myself. Overall, the session flowed like a good conversation while being able to tackle many of my random side questions as well. Thanks to Robin, I have lots of actionable and practical things I can do to address my challenges and feel a greater a sense of empowerment about my natural skills and abilities."

Rachel, Seattle, WA

Mindy S. found ideas for healing her family lineage

"I loved everything I learned in the reading! It all resonated and was very helpful. It was fascinating to learn about astrology. I'm excited to dig in and research more. Robin gave me lots of ideas about making progress on my spiritual path, even suggesting how I could incorporate my love of nature and involve my family. We also went over suggestions for releasing old wounds and healing my family lineage. It was so fun, and I learned a lot."

Mindy S., North Bend, MI

Screenshot 2022-06-15 4.38.34 PM.png

"My reading from Robin was amazing! I gained new insights into my natal chart. Robin is an excellent storyteller, and her ability to tell such intriguing stories while explaining my chart and celestial activities was my favorite part! I learned new things about mythology and how it relates to astrology. I highly recommend getting a reading from Robin, even if you've had natal chart readings before, Robin's approach is delightfully unique!"

Valorie L., Overland Park, KS

Tarot Card Reader - Goddess with an Attitude

Tarot, Unicorns, and Coffee Meetup

"I had my first professional astrology reading with Robin from Spiritsaid recently. Robin explained concepts that I was not entirely familiar with in a manner that I could easily understand. She gave several real-world examples of how situations could arise that were unique to my astrology. During my reading, there were several moments where it felt like my life had finally been explained! "

Karen O., Salt Lake City, UT

"Thank you for explaining how all the planets and signs contribute to my interpretation. Some other astrologers haven't really explained my chart to me. They just give the interpretation, but understanding how it all came together really helped me. The reading sounded a lot like me! I liked the recommendations on how I could work with my inner critic and enjoy life more. It was exactly what I needed to hear! I'm excited for our year-ahead reading coming next!"

Denise J., Springfield, MO

"This really resonated with me! I've been thinking about wanting to understand my chart for a long time, and this reading made so much sense. Working with Robin felt like talking to a friend. Her presentation was so natural but also easy to understand. I appreciated her color-coded slides that showed which parts of my chart the information came from. I'm eager to schedule my next appointment soon!"

Katharina K., Bend, OR

"This has been incredibly eye-opening and inspirational on so many levels. I can't wait to keep tumbling (blue dress, white pinafore) down this path of discovery and self-care. Honestly, I feel like the insights you shared with me are the first branch or root I've been able to grab hold of that can actually bear weight as I try to drag myself out of the left-brain 'analysis paralysis' quagmire I've been stuck in for so long. It was also just a lovely conversation all around and I can't wait to update you in our next one."

Lissa B., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Robin has an amazing gift and the mythological stories are so helpful and unique in how she tied them all together. Her insight on my personality and ways I interact with others as well as potential fields of study was truly enlightening!" 

Gillian B., Seattle, WA

Crystal Reiki, Clearings, Energy Healing

Mishka S. uncovered his own personal potential

"Doing an astrology session and chart reading with Robin Pool felt like traveling through the stars themselves. I discovered the important distinction between sidereal and tropical astrology, their significance and history. Robin then very skillfully guided me through my own horoscope, paying extremely close attention to how my own zodiac sign (the Taurus) and the significant planets, signs, and angles could connect to develop the person that I am at heart and in spirit. Robin revealed to me how astrology can instruct my own physical, intellectual, creative, and social potential and future risks, and how these skills and pieces of information of the inner world can guide you in making practical life choices. Thank you, Robin, for a very informative and fun discovery!"

Mishka S., Turkey

Duke University student

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