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Level Up You

A 5-Session Coaching Bootcamp

to achieve your next stretch goal!

Do you have a big goal on the horizon...
A job interview
A possible promotion
An exciting project

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Are you thinking any of these things?

  • You're making strides to grow and reach your goals ... but you know you could achieve them faster, more efficiently, and have more fun if you had someone to help you communicate your strengths more clearly.

  • You've achieved a lot already ... but you sense more potential if you could Level Up your mindset and habits.

  • You've got a big goal or promotion in your sights ... but you don't quite feel like the person who'll crush it!

You know that the difference between achieving your goal and falling short is the energy that you bring to the process.
How do you overcome that gap?

Here's a quick look at we'll work on

  • A fresh, objective view on your talents, gifts, and passion

  • Limiting beliefs that hold you back and how to overcome them

  • Your ideal career path that leverages your strengths, skills and challenges

  • The next version of your already amazing self

  • Enhanced communication skills to help your listeners understand and respect your contribution

  • Resume savvy to add measurable details, dynamic action, and social proof to your already impressive list of accomplishments

  • Personal appearance coaching so your presentation highlights your most compelling and appealing personal qualities

  • Clarity about why you may have struggled to achieve at the highest level or received the rewards you felt should have been yours

  • Relationship coaching to get mentors and leaders on your team!

Here's what my clients have to say

This framework creates...







...client success stories like these

  • Holly T. got hired for a VP-level position despite not having the pre-requisite degree or desired experience

  • Andrew J. overcame his learning disability diagnosis and became a college honors student

  • Aisha C. passed her realty exam despite struggling to memorize and learn material

  • Jan R. went from helping friends for free to starting her business and creating a web presence

Sign me up!

The culmination of over 20 years of coaching more than 3,000 clients...

A 5-Step Process

Identify Your Goal and Level Up You

Who do you need to be to reach it and thrive?

We discuss and target decision-maker criteria and make a plan for your next-level skills, attitude, and mindset

Obstacle Evaluation and Prototype Solutions

What might stand in your way?

We strategize and plan to overcome any hurdles, either internal or external, that stand between you and your goal

Mind Set Mastery

Would you have to be to thrive in this new situation?

We create a plan for starting to think and act like that person now

Documentation Rework:
Cover Letter, Resume, Proposal

How do you convincingly convey your brilliance?

We re-do the metrics, details, and social proof so your abilities and ideas are compelling on paper

Communication Prep

How do you talk the talk that shows you will walk the walk?

We outline your steps to a compelling interview, presentation, or meeting to get key players on your side.

5 Hours of 1-on-1 Coaching Plus These Bonuses...

  • 2 HOURS OF ONLINE EDITING of your resume, cover letter, emails, or presentation

  • Individualizing implementation of Google Venture's SPRINT RAPID PROTOTYPING AND SOLUTIONS TESTING

  • LEVEL UP YOU CHECKLIST to solidify your consistent best practices 

  • INTERVIEW / MEETING APPAREL CONSULTING for the right cut, style, and color to highlight your strengths

  • ENERGY VISION exercise to anchor your Leveled Up You at peak performance

You don't have to take my word for it...

Here's my story

In my 30-year working career, I've worked in six different industries, built two successful businesses, and helped over 3,000 clients. Along the way, I discovered two things:


1. I got hired for literally every job I interviewed for (many with no prior experience!) And I received a promotion and/or a raise in every position where I worked for somebody else.


2. Even more fun than enjoying my own success was helping other people achieve theirs!


I strongly believe that everyone has the right to make a living using their innate gifts, doing something that they enjoy in a nurturing, supportive environment.


But that's not what I always thought! My dad used to say "Work is hard - if it was fun, they would call it play."


As a result, even though I was very successful as an Ivy League admissions officer, a tech company human resources data manager (where I started as the temp assistant to the temp assistant), an SAT tutor, and even a ballroom dancing teacher, I never really enjoyed work. In fact, I tried so many different careers, in part, because I was constantly looking for “The One” I would finally like.


It took a spiritual awakening, a whole passel of health problems, and a year away from regular employment to finally realize that the problem was between my own ears!


Trying to succeed by becoming the perfect employee, I learned it's not fulfilling to succeeded from your client's or boss's perspective if you're not actually thriving and enjoying what you do.


Spiritsaid Stretch-Goal Coaching combines my success in getting hired, getting promotions, and closing clients with what I've learned about thriving in the job market as your actual, authentic self.


I love helping my clients learn to level-up. You can use the process of going for that stretch goal or striving for the promotion to manifest your own highest gifts and enjoy work as never before!


Who do you want to become next to achieve your life’s goals and dreams?

(Personal Photo Credits: Michael Weller

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"I now have a dynamite life plan I am excited about!"

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"Robin’s intuition and wisdom are exceptional. Not only is she a student of a wide array of astrology techniques, she has a deep knowledge of myth and history that gives true substance to her coaching. I've been stunned by the detail and fit of her advice and suggestions, and when I'm pondering a large choice in life, Robin is often the first person I discuss it with. She is wise beyond my already lofty expectations, and she has a genuine and caring heart for her work and clients."

 Scott O. 

Charlotte, NC


And if you're wondering about my expertise and teaching style...

"Robin is one of the most trusted teachers among my colleagues. She is always a wealth of good knowledge and a highly evolved individual, suited to assist other people's development. I am very privileged to have attended her classes!"    


Audrey Lee

Owner, MetaphysicalHaven

Screenshot 2022-01-26 12.59.44 AM.png

The "LEVEL UP YOU" Coaching Program is the culmination of 20 years of experience working with over 3,000 clients:

Your investment for the program is $1,500

(or 4 payments of $375 each)

Invest in yourself for your next Promotion, Position, or Project!

5 Hours of 1-on-1 Coaching

2 hours of Online Editing
of your resume, cover letter, emails, or presentation

  • VISUAL THINKING PROBLEM-SOLVING PROTOCOL to reveal blockages and brainstorm solutions

  • Individualizing implementation of Google Venture's SPRINT RAPID PROTOTYPING AND SOLUTIONS TESTING

  • LEVEL UP YOU CHECKLIST to solidify your consistent best practices 

  • INTERVIEW / MEETING APPAREL CONSULTING for the right cut, style, and color to highlight your strengths

  • ENERGY VISION exercise to anchor your Leveled Up You at peak performance

Plus These Bonuses...

"I am implementing new strategies in my business."


"Robin was delightful. Not only did she use different ways of explaining things to me but she was entertaining too! More than just growing in my business, I'm taking time throughout my day to care for parts of me that I really didn't pay much attention to. I believe that's the magic with how Robin teaches. She gives you practical ways to balance out your energy."

Melissa Q., Denver, CO

Generational Lineage Healer

Imagine how you will feel

  • Knowing how to become the author of the change you seek

  • Looking at life challenges as obstacles you can overcome rather than frustrating roadblocks

  • Discover what you really want instead of striving for what your parents or society told you was best

  • Being eager for your future, knowing that you can change and create what you want to experience

  • Learning to improve your mindset to appreciate life's ups and downs instead of railing against things that didn't go the way you wanted

  • Finding growth opportunities when you fall short instead of blaming yourself or losing your joy

  • Leveraging your mind-body connection to improve your mental, emotional, and physical experience

  • Having a blueprint to address future stretch goals. Once you've made one transformation, you can apply the process to any area of life!

This program is a good fit for you if you...

  • See this as a chance to grow and become someone who can take advantage of any opportunity, whether it's this specific one or not

  • Have faith that, even if you don't achieve this goal, other amazing opportunities are coming along, and you're eager to be ready for them!

  • Approach life with a sense of adventure, humor, and eagerness to tackle the next challenge

  • Willing to be honest about fears, concerns, or deep limiting beliefs

  • Will communicate openly with me about your desires for our work together

  • Have an open mind about new tips and techniques, willing to try something and let the results tell you whether it works or not

  • Can work with my availability: Friday - Tuesday 12 to 7 p.m. Pacific Time

This program is not a good fit for you if you...

  • Just want somebody to listen while you talk about your problems  (This program is for action-takers who are ready to co-create a better experience.)

  • Are not willing to take responsibility for creating your results

  • Think you're going to achieve your stretch goal by staying the same person that you currently are (This coaching is for transformation, not solidification)

  • Expect that working with the coach will guarantee that you will achieve this exact goal

  • Believe monetary success is more important than leveling up as a person

  • Have preconceived ideas about how you'll achieve your goal (This program unfolds who you really are, however surprising or unexpected.)

If you feel drawn to this program but still aren't sure I'm the right fit for you, watch the video below

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you available for coaching?

Usually, my hours are Friday through Tuesday noon to 7:00 p.m. Pacific time


What is the time frame for the five sessions?

Most of my clients see me once per week or every other week. But, we can stretch out tor condense them depending on the timeline for your stretch goal or potential promotion.


How much time will be required for assignments in between sessions?

In general, you will need 1 to 2 hours per week for the mindset and preparation assignments for the next session. Additionally, you may need time to implement our game plan for meetings or conversations with decision-makers and key players. Depending on current state of your documentation, you may also need time to work on your resume, write cover letters, or create connections with mentors, leaders, and interviewers. Please be specific with me about any constraints on your time, so that we can make sure to make a plan you can carry out!


Are you sensitive to neurodiversity, people of color, and historically underrepresented populations in the workplace?

Yes, I have extensive experience working with those who have been diagnosed with adhd, slow processing, and mental, physical, and emotional health challenges. I also have worked with many clients of all races, genders, and sexual orientations. One of my most heartfelt beliefs is that everyone deserves to make a living doing something that they enjoy in an environment that nurtures and supports them. I love to tailor my coaching to support every individual's preferred working style and personal goals.

Let's finish with another list of coaching client wins!

  • Ben D. overcame his anxiety and learned to harness his own charisma, earning a full college scholarship

  • Jack N. gained troubleshooting and analytical skills that he used to launch his first company

  • Joyce A. learned how to overcome past rejection and pursued teaching in graduate school

What transformation do you want next to your name?

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