Learn to use these 2000-year-old symbols to
Overcome Anxiety ~ Understand Your Inner Self
Receive Guidance and Support
The Natural Rune Deck
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Hand drawn and painted on colored-pencil backgrounds (made from an upcycled root beer box!) and photographed on natural backgrounds, the runes on these 3" diameter Natural Rune Chakra Oracle cards combine diverse wellsprings of ancestral wisdom.


Natural images bring rune meanings to life, providing a handy memory aid! Scroll down for more card pictures.

24 Elder Futhark Rune Cards
with custom art box.

Rune Keyword and Transliteration Tables
24 4-part Individual Card Meanings
Instructions for Rune Readings
Special Tips for Extra Insight
Five Rune Energy Transformation Activities
Book Includes:

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Perfect for readings, divination, even use as a background for casting stones or other tokens.

Natural backgrounds and hand-drawn art enhances natural energies and intuition.

Can even be used with classic Tarot spreads like the Celtic Cross as shown here!

 Scroll down for more  photos.

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