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Learn to use these 2000-year-old symbols to
Overcome Anxiety ~ Understand Your Inner Self
Live in Harmony with Our Planet
Printable Rune Cheatsheet

A handy at-a-glance guide for easy and powerful rune readings and rituals

The Natural Rune Deck

24 Elder Futhark Rune Cards
with custom art box


Full-color photographs of hand-drawn and painted originals (first made from an upcycled root beer box!), the runes on these 3" diameter Natural Rune Chakra Oracle cards combine diverse wellsprings of ancestral wisdom. 


Natural image backgrounds bring rune meanings to life, providing a handy memory aid. Runes originated in a society immersed in the natural world. "The Natural Rune Deck" brings these energies to life! A circle is one of the only regular geometric shapes that the human eye sees in occurring in nature. Plus, the circular card shape adds extra variation when interpreting reversals. And the full color printing photographs beautifully for all your social media posts.


Perfect for readings and divination:


Set out in a grid to use as a background for casting bones or charms.

Use with classic Tarot spreads like the Celtic Cross as shown here!

Combine with Tarot cards to provide action steps or energy influences so you can act on your Tarot readings!

Use as a centerpiece for rituals or crystal grids.

Natural backgrounds and hand-drawn art enhances elemental energies and your intuition.


$22.50 + Shipping (volume discount available)

The runes correspond to shakra colors!

The Natural Rune Deck
Book of Meanings 
Physical ~ Psychological ~ Natural
Screenshot 2021-05-28 12.38.11 PM.png
Screenshot 2021-05-28 12.41.30 PM.png
Book Includes:
Rune Keyword and Transliteration Tables
24 4-part Individual Card Meanings
Instructions for Rune Readings
Special Tips for Extra Insight
Five Rune Energy Transformation Activities
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