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About Robin

Spiritsaid Style is all about learning to love your self and your divine connection, navigating challenges, and thriving in growth opportunities.​

I got into metaphysics, astrology, and divination because I desperately needed to heal my psyche and physical body. Incorrectly diagnosed and medicated for a condition I didn't have, after 25 years in organized religion, I needed help finding deeper physical and spiritual connection.

This is what I realized:

The divine has created you to be your own greatest gift (partly that's because you are your own most constant company.) Mining your inner self for things you love and enjoy is the crucial to a satisfying life.


But challenges and burdens are also tools to craft a positive experience. There's no point wishing you had a hammer if you were born with a screwdriver. Imagine how much more fulfilled you would be if you knew to look for screws instead of nails!

I love helping people see themselves in a new way. We all have so much to be critical about, to flagellate ourselves for, to worry over, and to regret. But very often those are actually gold mines of strength, wisdom, lessons, and perseverance.


Do you want to find new understanding in your old stories? How about the path to forge new strength through challenging times? 


If this sounds intriguing, or your inner self is poking you in my direction, check out my products and resources.


Let's collaborate to help you find your answers.

Here are a few principles I believe:

  1. If it's a part of who you are, it's a feature, not a bug. No matter how frustrating (or scary), even if pejoratively labeled by others, anything in your essential makeup is precious gift, designed for your enjoyment, strengthening, or growth.

  2. The challenges in your life help you grow, strengthen, and gain wisdom. They are not designed to generate shame, grief, fear, or unhealthy self-blame.

  3. Troubleshooting your astrology chart yields dozens of helpful tips, strategies, and techniques for smoothing energy flow, soothing pain points, and overcoming challenges.

  4. No one should be stereotyped, labeled, or stigmatized because of any physical, psychological, or spiritual characteristics. 

  5. While astrology and divination can highlight difficult times and personal challenges, we should not live in fear or despair over what we learn. All information can be harnessed to help us thrive and feel good about who we are!

Colourful Pile of Old Books

Involved in spirituality and life coaching for 28 years, I've worked with thousands of clients, taught spiritual study groups, and given classes on spirituality and astrology for:


 I'm also the designer of The Natural Rune Deck (available at this link), the writer of The Natural Rune ebook coming soon to Amazon. In my spare time, I'm a thrift-store vintage enthusiast, in case you can't tell from the pictures! (Photos all by Michael Weller

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