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Step-by-Step DIY: Find the Uranus / North Node / Mars Conjunction's Impact in Your Natal Chart

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Starseed Advice for the Uranus / North Node / Mars conjunction
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So did you find it? The "shake it up / throw it out" energy in your life? I've heard client stories of everything from house cleaning to ending a lease to releasing childhood conditioning. The last one of these was 324 B.C., so it's a rare energy!

NOTE: everyone is affected by this conjunction's energy, not just those who consider themselves astrologically, metaphysically, or spiritually sensitive. So cut the other people in your life some slack if you feel like they're a little more shaken up than normal, too. We are all undergoing this together!

Part 1 presented basics on how to work with this energy (click here to read). To dive into your specific chart, follow the instructions below. And a little more Starseed / Sensitive Soul advice is coming...

How does this conjunction impact your chart?

NOTE: listen to your inner self when it comes to how much astrology is the right amount for you. You're perfectly welcome just to stop with Steps 1 and/or 2 if your system feels like it's gotten enough. More detail isn't necessarily better.

Step 1: Identify any planets or important points between 15° and 17° in your chart

Simple Version of Step 2: Interpretation

Any planets or points between 15° and 17° in the earth signs of Virgo and Capricorn are likely to trigger a grounded, practical planning or problem-solving response with healing overtones. They create 120° angles, associated with easily accessible gifts.

Placements in Aquarius, Leo, or Scorpio may be more challenging, requiring action or working with seemingly opposed impulses. They create 90° or 180° angles, a bit like being in the spiritual gym - hard work, but you get stronger as a result!

It might even feel like life or other people are purposefully destabilizing you, taking away your comfort or pushing confrontational situations. Don't worry - it's all part of Spirit's plan to help you recognize your power and determination.

Aries and Gemini indicate new beginnings; Pisces and Cancer mean you have something to learn; Sagittarius and Libra placements show something, maybe an irritation, that requires tweaking!

More Advanced Version of Step 2: Interpretation

Write down the keywords for each planet or point, house and sign between 15° and 17°in your chart. (Note: if you don't know what all the planets and signs mean, use this link to my keyword document for each planet and sign.)

Step 3: Use your intuition to think about how these keywords or themes resonate with your experience of the “shaken not stirred” energy.

What are you feeling and experiencing relating it to the themes of this conjunction?

  • speaking up

  • changing what’s outdated or no longer useful

  • fighting for or with things

  • investigating your soul’s path of forward progress

My example

I have Chiron in Aries at 16°. That creates a 30° angle to the conjunction. Chiron is about old wounds. Aries is about individuality, and a 30° angle can represent the very beginning or the very end of a journey. So I'm thinking it's time for me to stop believing those old negative messages about how there's something wrong with me. I need to stop finding security in the old impulse to protect people and myself by staying away hidden. I need to start finding security in the belief that I am a valuable and important person and end the journey of living by those old limitations.

Honestly, this just came right from my intuition about how the concept of individuality and wounds is feeling for me right now.

There's no right or wrong answer to understand how the conjunction affects your planets or points. It's really about using the keyword ideas as leverage to investigate what's going on with you.

  • What's your real experience been in the past couple of days?

  • What are you feeling now around the concept of shaking up change?

  • What do you want to be different going forward?

Special advice for Starseeds and Sensitive Souls

Starseeds are people who feel that some part of themselves doesn't come from earth. More about this later, but in the meantime, you can research the topic on the internet (just don't believe everything you read, and try to glean an overall impression from a variety of sources.)

If you feel fascinated by the cosmos, you don't belong on earth, perplexed by other humans, or like home is "out there" somewhere, you may be a Starseed. If you want to talk about it more or you're not certain, feel free to use this link to get on my calendar, and we'll discuss!

Starseeds and sensitive souls can take security in trying to fit in, not attracting attention, acting like everybody else, hiding the parts of them that seem weird or different.

This conjunction - with its changing security sources and emphasis on your soul's evolutionary path - asks you to start at least acknowledging (and, fingers crossed, enjoying) your Starseed or sensitive aspects. You decide how much you want to share with others. It's perfectly fine to play it safe and follow the crowd where acceptance seems important (at work, school, with family if necessary).

But at least, within yourself, acknowledge the full glory of who you are.

More Starseed / Sensitive Soul advice is available at our Spiritsaid Style Meetup Group Full and New Moon Celebrations, which always have a special Starseed component.

Where to begin if this seems like a lot!

For now, just ask yourself the question, "How could I find greater comfort and security within myself?"

Starseed or not, we can all benefit from that.

If you are interested in more Starseed material or identify with the above list of feelings, please leave a comment and let me know. I am really passionate about helping Starseeds feel comfortable and enjoy their lives on Earth. I would love to know if you would like more content on that topic.

If you're not sure whether you are a Starseed, but you're curious, I do a special astrology analysis for this. So let me know if you'd like to check that out!

P.P.S. Our last moon event was really amazing and gratifying, and Spirit has already given me a sneak peek at the upcoming meditation, which involves getting a message from our future selves! It's going to be really great.


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