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Aries Energy: What is your 6-month theme?

The other day, I realized I feel a little bit like the ball in a pinball machine…

...flipped back and forth by the levers of life, bouncing from one noisy, flashing obstacle to the next.

Creating a new ritual every two weeks for a new astrology sign will do that to you, not to mention the seven days of house guests, two family birthdays, and three multi-hour car trips to Portland we've taken in the last 2 weeks.

I love our new and full moon events, but sometimes I feel like I'm chasing the next transformation, the next ritual, the next astrological sign - like treading water, expending a lot of energy without making progress.

Maybe you can relate. One week, you're on fire to eat healthier, but the next , you get triggered by a relationship and completely refocus on boundaries...that's after having gotten all excited about an article on healing crystals the previous week...

Now, if you like jumping from topic to topic, carry on! It can certainly keep things interesting.

But if you feel disoriented, unproductive, or overwhelmed, consider this:

Maybe you need a 6-month theme!

An overarching umbrella to guide and focus your efforts, condensing life's continually changing stimuli into a coherent stream with an overall goal.

Something like…

I want to love myself more.

I want to live a healthier lifestyle.

I want to enjoy my relationships and not feel like I have to please everyone.

I want to feel more deeply spiritually connected.

I want daily activities that enhance my life and don't overwhelm me.

Write it down in some prominent place - your desktop, your phone wallpaper, a sticky on the refrigerator door - and use as a guide for rituals, intentions, decisions, and actions.

It doesn't have to be every ritual, every intention, or every action.

But at least once a month, or maybe even once a week… do something to further this goal.

Looking back at the rituals I've created over the last 6 months, I realized I really did have a theme, even though I wasn't consciously aware of it.

Note that slide is from Valorie Lewis's and my Aries New Moon Astrology and Ritual event. You can see the replay at this link.

To see our upcoming New and Full Moon events, check out the schedule at this Tarot, Unicorns, and Coffee Meetup link.

We went in-depth on what planets are supporting your 6-month theme goals and how to harness their power, and we talked about ritual ideas and suggestions to bring that change into your life.

Would love to hear how this is landing with you! What 6-month theme are you working on?

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