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5 Steps for Simple Jewelry Magic

Do you find yourself to drawn to specific types of jewelry or wearing a specific item in a specific situation? Perhaps you have a collection of a certain type of stones, metal or style.

Maybe it's changed over time, and you're now drawn to new pieces that you've never focused on before. My latest obsession has been vintage pins with plants and animals. I keep finding them for just a few dollars at every estate sale I go to.

I finally realized that Spirit was putting them in my way as a message to me! I need to channel natural energies more as a way of getting in touch with my environment and supporting my authentic self. What better way than by choosing a beautiful plant or animal pin to support my intention for the day!

So I thought I'd share what I've been doing just in case this might be helpful for anyone else out there.

Step 1: take a moment to close your eyes and ask what intention you want to set for the day. Do you want to be more confident, more compassionate, a better listener, more focused, less fearful…? Let your inner self or your Spirit guides help inspire your day's intention.

Step 2: open your eyes and your jewelry box!

Step 3: as you run your hand over your jewelry, sense which of these items embodies the intention you've decided you want to set.

Step 4: once you've chosen your item(s), take a moment to sense where on your body they would like to be placed. Sometimes it's a no-brainer as for earrings, but a charm could be hung around your neck, placed in a pocket, carried in your purse. If you are a pin nut, like me, there are a lot of places you're special pin could be worn. Let your body tell you where the nexus of power for this item is located.

Step 5: make sure your item is securely fixed in its spot. If you're carrying something in your purse, you might want to put it in a small baggie or secure it in a special side pocket, perhaps wrapped in some cushioning material.

This is definitely set it and forget it! If you think of it during the day, and you want to touch your jewelry item or take a moment to refresh your intention, go for it. But if you don't think of it at all, just trust that it's working behind the scenes.

I guarantee that if you do this for six out of the next seven days, you will feel results! Set a reminder in your phone, or take a note on your bathroom mirror so you don't forget.

Put a “yes” in the comments if you think this is a cool idea and you want to give it a try! Or let me know if it's something you already do. I'd love to hear about the results you get. Thank you for reading!


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