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What Is Your Obsessive Superpower? 2022 Olympic PepTalk

What are always working on? Something you find yourself continually doing, maybe without realizing. Leverage your obsession into big results.

For some people - speed skaters - it's building tree trunk legs! (No body shaming or offense intended.)

Their revealing suits reminded me how obsessive, repetitive activity shapes us. If you spent thousands of hours in a bent-at-the-waist crouch, propelling yourself across the ice, your thighs would have contours like this, too.

What have you spent hundreds or thousands of hours doing?

Get specific.

Don't just say “I've spent hundreds of hours reading because I like books or selling because I'm in sales.” That’s not a superpower!

(Speed skaters could say “I've spent hundreds of hours on the ice,” but figure skaters don't have thighs like that!)

With your sales experience, have you spent hundreds of hours perfecting your pitch, fine-tuning your communication skills, or learning to read client body language?

After hundreds of romances, are you an expert on emotional character arc? Or maybe it's "How To" so now you're a pro at breaking down things step-by-step. Or business biographies, so you have a huge store of career-building lessons.

It might not be obvious. Maybe you love to bake, so you're a genius at fine-tuning until something is just right. As an avid gardener, are you incredibly observant, noticing problems early and swooping in to help?

So here's the prep…

Step 1: Figure out what you've gotten obsessively good through just pursuing your natural interests and abilities.

and here's the magic…

Step 2: Figure out how to apply it to something that you really care about excelling in.

Maybe you won't get a pay raise from your obsessive romance character analysis. But can you leverage that Emotional Intelligence Quotient to collaborate with coworkers or impress the year-end-bonus decision maker?

Can you use your genius talent for reading client body language to understand your family? Maybe head off a shouting match with a sensitive teenager, or help your partner feel heard or seen?

Even an obscure talent can be a life-changing superpower, securing tangible rewards or solutions.

So let me know in the comments!

What superpower, no matter how quirky, obscure, or seemingly impractical have you developed?

I'll go on record saying that character analysis through obsessive romance reading is one of mine! Also, talking to Spirit, sensing people's energies, and color-matching any outfit.

How you could apply yours in your desired area of excellence?

If you'd like help figuring this out, contact me. I'd love to talk it over!

Please like and share this with anyone who you think needs some encouragement or direction today.

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