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Spiritual Communication Manifesto

For tens of thousands of years, it was assumed that humans could receive messages that had no identifiable physical source.

God, gods, spirits, the Holy Spirit, fae creatures, ancestors, spirit animals...Visions, voices, signs, omens, synchronicities, or just intuition

It was normal - just as we talk to people - to hear from non-corporeal entities (no, TikTok doesn't count!)

Before Abnormal Psychology, here's what non-corporeal communication did NOT mean.

You are losing your mind.

If sources cannot be evaluated scientifically, they do not exist.

Listening to and repeating these communications undermines society’s rational foundation.

Oh my gosh, you're hearing voices!?! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!

People didn't say:

Here, take this medication to make it go away.

Let's lock you up in this special, sequestered location (because isolating you will totally help!)

Well, you better keep it quiet so no one thinks you're crazy! (because sweeping it under the rug improves everything!)

What they might have said, in their own language, of course, was:

Perhaps you should apprentice with the shaman.

You know, the temple just posted an "initiates wanted" notice.

You could ask a spiritual expert.

Do you need help? (rather than, say, “fixing,” criticism, or fear-mongering)

Please listen more and tell us what you are hearing in case it can help us, too!

Fair warning, having been labeled “crazy,” told to hide, and advised to medicate my non-corporeal friends away, I have a wee bit of anger on this topic, so if you're sensing that, it's not your imagination!

I also have a special heart for helping people understand messages sensed from other-than-flesh-and-blood sources.

I'm not knocking medication for those who choose it. In violent or distressing situations, medication can be a first step. And if I'm offending you with my one-sided presentation, scroll down to "Apologies and Moderations" at the bottom.

But let's weigh tens of thousands of years of “this is potentially valuable communication” versus a few hundred years of “this is sick” before we jump to conclusions!

An article told the story of an African doctor who said that in his culture, what we would label a “mental health crisis” is seen as the advent of a divine spirit with a message of healing or wisdom for the community. “Sufferers” were sheltered, fed, and apprenticed to healers until they could understand and communicate the vital information.

Here are a few things I've learned from sharing my own story:

Unmet spiritual needs and stigmatized non-corporeal communication can cause anxiety and depression. Many troubled teens I've worked with tell me they have visions, voices, or unaccountable information they are afraid to talk to their parents or friends about.

"Normal" people have these experiences. A surprising number of totally rational, upstanding citizens (realtors, diplomats, teachers...) have shared inexplicable instances of messages, direction, or unaccountable knowing. Looking around to see if anyone else was listening, they started with "I have a story to tell you..."

Non-corporeal communications can be blessings, wisdom, camaraderie, hope, or the joy of experiencing Divine love close-up. Healing, stronger relationships, future guidance - that's what those realtors, diplomats, and teachers told me they received.

Here's my Non-Corporeal Communication Manifesto 1.0. Which of these could you support?

  • Anyone can speak freely about any aspect of the human experience without judgment, condemnation, or "crazy" labels.

  • It's healthy to share with objective supporters and decide how to utilize these experiences.

  • It's not a moral good or universal necessity to hide or sweep things under the rug.

  • All aspects of the human experience can have value, whether as desirable experiences or as object lessons.

  • We do not need to discard any experience because someone else thinks it's not "normal" or "healthy."

  • People can decide for themselves on a case-by-case basis what they want to experience and how it enriches their lives.

  • Lockstepping with social norms is not the pinnacle of human existence (an extra freebie that applies to lots of situations!)

Honesty Moment: These experiences can also be surprising, disconcerting, physically challenging, or downright scary, especially if they trigger modern Western fears of “abnormal” and “unwell." If you're concerned, consult an expert! Training can be vital.

Another Honesty Moment: non-corporeal communication is not always positive and loving - or even “true” in a corresponding-with-physical-reality sense. Developing discernment to sort the uplifting from the undermining from the misleading is key to growth.

But here's my personal bottom line.

I never would have survived closing my business, recovering childhood trauma, losing my spiritual community, and 25 years of suicidal ideation if I hadn’t drawn wisdom, comfort, and love from the spirits that have blessed me with their time and attention.

I'm so glad I didn't listen to suspicious, skeptical, and fearful input, however well-meaning its promulgators.

If you know any experiencers, I urge you to become a pillar of support: encouraging every drop of positivity and providing stalwart love during challenges. If you have questions about how to do this, please feel free to contact me. I'd love to talk.

To learn how to use an astrological natal chart to understand and utilize non-corporeal communications - Spirit’s Whispers - I'd love to do a reading for you!

Apologies and Moderations:

I've heavily emphasized positive aspects of non-corporeal communication to counterbalance our society's "sick / crazy / abnormal" labeling. But I also want to recognize and honor health care professionals working with what can be a very troubled population. Our secular upbringing does not furnish multiple, nuanced perspectives on these experiences. We're all doing the best we can with the information we have. I'm grateful for everyone who tries to love and nurture those around them, whatever their perspectives.

If this message has rubbed you the wrong way, feel free let me know. Or if you liked it, you could let me know that, too!

Mostly, I hope it helps promote new thoughts regarding yourself or anyone you know who has these experiences - perhaps more than you might think...

Hope you're having a beautiful day!

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