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FA Q About Painted Leather Goods

What sort of paint do you use?


It's all acrylic, non-toxic, a mix of leather paint and acrylic art paint, sometimes there's some glitter, and then the acrylic sealer. I try to minimize the environmental impact of all materials.

How durable is the paint?

It is abrasion resistant and pretty durable unless you take a wet toothbrush it to it or leave it out in the rain. Hint: if you do get caught in a few sprinkles, turn the jacket inside out, fold it up, and tuck it under your arm for maximum protection.

What do I do if it starts to rub off?

Unless you rub it with a wet toothbrush, you will probably only lose a bit at the abrasion spots like jacket elbows or the spot where the belt rubs against the buckle. Your art piece is designed to grow with you, so the paint changes as you wear it. Remember, this is about not being perfect. (Don't be surprised if you see a misspelling or two.) That's part of the beauty of your relationship with a living, breathing item. Or you can add a bit of paint yourself to repair - just get some acrylic from the art or craft supply store.

What do I do if there's a big goof, and the art is damaged?

Send it back, and we'll fix it at no charge. You just pay shipping.

Can I add my own messages or have another artist work on it?

Go for it! Feel free to add your own wonderfulness or anyone else's to it. We want this item to be a beautiful part of your collection and a part of your heart, and it should reflect your reality. Embellish to your heart's content!

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