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Wisdom for Starseeds and Sensitive Souls

Church Building
Note: due to the twists and turns of my own spiritual journey, my private astrology consulting and coaching and Meetup Group are on hiatus.  

Please enjoy the rest of this website, including Free Spiritual Resources here!

My name is Robin Pool, founder of Spiritsaid and Spiritsaid Style Meetup Group. We believe a Spirit connection is alive in everyone. With the right techniques, you can build your passionate, healing relationship with Spirit and yourself.

Do you want to use your Spirit connection to build your business or career?

Are you learning how to get more out of your deepest spiritual gifts?

Are you interested in getting more clarity and insight from your divine connection?

After 29 years on our own spiritual paths and thousands of clients, we love unfolding your inner insight! Together, let's support your most cherished goals and dreams!

We want you to experience your time on planet Earth as a true blessing!

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Church Building

This is THE best moon session I have ever done!! Thank you so much for holding space, and please don't stop! LOVE THIS!!

Mare M., South Africa

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  • Heal your inner self with astrological energies - Bi-monthly Full/New Moon Events

  • Hone your intuition/spiritual connection Spirit's Intuition Practice

  • Deepen divination insight - Runes and Tarot w/Elizabeth Burckley of Willow Root Tarot

  • Spirit-juice your business Metaphysical Business Support Round Table

Church Building

You deserve insight, solutions, and encouragement to:

  • Let go of old negative habits and beliefs

  • Discover meaningful activities that bring you joy

  • Leverage astrology insight and spiritual power to love your experience on Earth.

Partner with the spirit of your life!

"Robin was delightful. I'm implementing new strategies in my business, but more than that, I'm taking time throughout my day to care for parts of me that I really didn't pay much attention to. I believe that's the magic with how Robin teaches. She gives you practical ways to balance out your energy."


Melissa Q., Generational Lineage Healer

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Church Building
We believe in the power of your spiritual gifts

Do you wonder what you should focus on?

Want to learn to nurture your spiritual connection?

Need to choose your most fulfilling activities?

Interested in the best approach to meet your challenges?


Take the Inner Spiritual Adventurer Quiz
You deserve to know your spiritual strengths!
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