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Welcome to Spiritsaid!

My name is Robin Pool. I came to astrology searching for answers during my spiritual awakening, adrift from my old spiritual community, labeled as (potentially) crazy by friends and family, and wrestling with unfamiliar experiences.

Working to understand my new abilities and challenges, I discovered my passion to help people at the crossroads. Whether you feel drawn to seek guidance,  sense that you need to know more, have unanswered questions, or feel the universe has a message for you, 
I am passionate about helping you use astrology, divination, and ritual to elucidate your gifts and chart your path.


I want your life to feel like a true blessing.

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Natal Chart Troubleshooting

Uncover roadblocks in your natal chart
Receive ritual, crystal, meditation recommendations to 
decrease anxiety and increase confidence and self-acceptance
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Spiritual Gifts Astrology

Understand your deeper spiritual path, discover your spiritual gifts, and
identify how to support yourself and others on our collective spiritual path. 
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Have questions about your spiritual gifts?

What should you focus on?

How can you best nurture my spiritual connection?

What activities will be most fulfilling to you?

What is the best approach to meet your challenges?


Take the Inner Spiritual Adventurer Quiz to discover your Adventurer Types and unpack your spiritual advantages!
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