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Welcome to Spiritsaid!

My name is Robin Pool. I came to astrology searching for testable solutions and answers to life challenges that standard Western mental, physical, and spiritual health systems hadn't been able to address.

Are you committed to creating a life in alignment with your true talents?

Do you want to build a business or work experience that you love?

Are you eager to explore your deepest spiritual gifts?

Are you interested in using ritual, magic, and divination to improve your life?

Have you tried other mental, emotional, physical or spiritual practices and found them wanting?


I can totally relate! Let's take a look at who you really are and help you craft a life that supports your most cherished goals and dreams - functioning as your true self!

I want your life to feel like a true blessing.

Church Building
Troubleshoot Your Natal Chart

Uncover planetary challenges
Receive ritual, crystal, meditation recommendations to 
decrease anxiety and increase confidence and self-acceptance
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Uncover Spiritual Gifts

Understand your deeper spiritual path, identify spiritual gifts, and
learn how to support yourself and others on our collective spiritual path
Revolutionize Your Relationships

Compare your chart with that of a partner, spouse, child, or friend to leverage compatibility and support and find solutions for friction and pain points.
Church Building
Have questions about your spiritual gifts?

What should you focus on?

How can you best nurture my spiritual connection?

What activities will be most fulfilling to you?

What is the best approach to meet your challenges?


Take the Inner Spiritual Adventurer Quiz to discover your Adventurer Types and unpack your spiritual advantages!
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