5-D Business Coaching

for your 3-D world

Learn to create a business you LOVE!

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Your work is a powerful conduit for your healing, magic, and understanding...

...when it is deeply aligned with your best life on this planet!

Does your revenue stream support your ideal work style?

Does your client generation system harness your strengths?

Does your work schedule boost your energy?

Does your messaging fill your heart with excitement to share?

Do you partner with the spirit of your business?

"I now have a dynamite life plan I am excited about!"

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"Robin’s intuition and wisdom are exceptional. Not only is she a student of a wide array of astrology techniques, she has a deep knowledge of myth and history that gives true substance to her coaching. I've been stunned by the detail and fit of her advice and suggestions, and when I'm pondering a large choice in life, Robin is often the first person I discuss it with. She is wise beyond my already lofty expectations, and she has a genuine and caring heart for her work and clients."

 Scott O. 

Charlotte, NC


You are capable of creating something a fulfilling work experience!
Career, Business, Workplace Habits

  • Not the same old undermining patterns

  • Not the same struggles with ill-fitting clients or coworkers

  • Not the same frustration trying new strategies that don't produce results

  • Not the same challenges with creating a business that helps everyone but you!

Your business can energize, heal, and empower you first!

Generate a whole raft of positive solutions...

Stop doubting your ability to find and help your best-fit clients

Identify and leverage your greatest gifts to empower your work

Find your energetic sweet spot so you end the day more energized than you began

Clear old doubts and energy blocks to owning your power

Build supportive colleague and mentor relationships to sustain your joy

Figure out what to say to show how powerful and effective your work really is!

"Robin really hit the nail on the head!"

"Her coaching validated the path I'm on and provided confirmation to continue.  Robin's description of my intuitive and emotional energies helped me understand why some things have flowed so well in life but other things have felt so hard."

Lisa S., Seattle, WA

Metaphysical Business Coach


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After over 20 years of coaching more than 3,000 clients in spirituality, health, business, and education...

...I've learned that no one program fits everyone

  • Flexible appointments to work with your schedule

  • Flexible services to meet your needs

  • Flexible payment scale to fit your budget

Real-World Solutions Brainstorm

We identify your issue and generate a range of specific real-world ways to address it.

Natal Chart Reading

Overcome Obstacles

Start a feedback journal to track your clients' wins and banish insecurity, shame, and lack of confidence.

Limiting Belief Identification and Clearing

Verify With Results

Your aligned business should generate results you love. We tweak your practices based on what they create.

Visual Thinking and Problem-Solving Framework

Evaluate Your Energy

We help you build a business that creates energy and joy for you, not sucking it away. Learn to build a business that nurtures you.

Energetic Sources and Sweetspots Audit

Level-Up Your Language

Develop Your Next Step Plan

Describe what you do for yourself and your clients. Encourage yourself like a human being, not like a machine.

"Find Your Personal Power" Reading

Where do you imagine your business heading? What will it take to get there. Fuel your growth with intentional attention.

Ideal Business Experience Plan

What clients say

There's no point in building a business that serves everyone except you!

In my 30-year working life, I've worked in six different industries, built three successful businesses, and helped over 3,000 clients in spirituality, education, and coaching. Along the way, I discovered two things:


1. To become a workplace powerhouse, you must harness your authentic self. Just satisfying your clients, boss, or co-workers will not create long-term success or freedom.


2. You must be brave and honest to admit what you really want and own your own power to achieve it.


I strongly believe that everyone has the right to make a living using their innate gifts, doing something that they enjoy in a nurturing, supportive environment.


But that's not what I always thought! My dad used to say "Work is hard - if it was fun, they would call it play."


As a result, even though I was financially successful, I never enjoyed work. In fact, I tried so many careers, in part, because I was constantly looking for “The One” I would finally like.


A spiritual awakening, a passel of health problems, and a year away from regular employment finally revealed a new approach!


Spiritsaid 5-D Business and Career Coaching combines 30 years of business-building and workplace employment and management experience with what I've learned about thriving in the market as your actual, authentic self.


I love helping my clients find their power.  What's your big career or business dream? How do you need to evolve to achieve it?

Click here for more info on my spiritual approach.

(Personal Photo Credits: Michael Weller www.michaelweller.com)

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"I am implementing new strategies in my business."


"Robin was delightful. Not only did she use different ways of explaining things to me about my chart, but she was entertaining too! More than just growing in my business, I'm taking time throughout my day to care for parts of me that I really didn't pay much attention to. I believe that's the magic with how Robin teaches. She gives you practical ways to balance out your energy."

Melissa Q., Denver, CO

Generational Lineage Healer


Frequently Asked Questions

When are you available for coaching?

Usually, my hours are Friday through Tuesday noon to 7:00 p.m. Pacific time


What is the time frame for the sessions?

Most of my clients see me once per week or every other week. But, we can stretch out or condense them if we're working to meet a specific deadline.


How much time will be required for assignments in between sessions?

In general, you will need 1 to 2 hours per week for the mindset and preparation assignments for the next session. Additionally, you may need time to implement our game plan for meetings or conversations with decision-makers, champions, or mentors. Please be specific with me about any constraints on your time, so that we can make sure to make a plan you can carry out!


Are you sensitive to trauma, neurodiversity, people of color, and historically disadvantaged groups?

Yes, I have extensive experience working with those who have been diagnosed with ADHD, slow processing, and mental, physical, and emotional health challenges. I also have worked with many clients of diverse races, genders, and sexual orientations. One of my most heartfelt beliefs is that everyone's natural way of moving through the world is valuable, productive, and worthy of support. My approach is sensitive, adaptable, and trauma-informed (from personal experience!) I love to tailor my coaching to support every individual's preferred working style and personal goals.

What types of clients have the most success with you?

After working with more than 3,000 people, I've discovered that I do the best with clients who:

  • Have a positive attitude about change, even when it's challenging

  • Love to have fun and laugh even while doing the hard work of confronting challenges

  • Are willing to try new techniques even when not a hundred percent sure how they will work

  • Actually do the homework we agree on at the end of each session!

  • Are honest about what's really going on so we can tweak the most effective approach

  • Embrace the vision of a better life even when they're uncertain, afraid, or can't see how things can improve

  • Want to grow in loving themselves, loving their business, and loving the people around them

Is that you?

I'd love to help you achieve a client success like one of these

  • Holly T. got hired for a VP-level position despite not having the prerequisite degree or desired experience

  • Andrew J. overcame his learning disability diagnosis and became a college honors student

  • Jacqueline Q. revamped her writing process and learned to trust her connection with Spirit

  • Sandy F. boosted her public speaking skills by connecting with her audience's emotions and their intellect

  • Jacklyn S. refined her message and grew her audience for her women's entrepreneurship group

  • Joyce A. learned how to overcome past rejection and got excited about teaching in graduate school

  • Robin P. realized that she was good enough and learned to love her life (wait, that was me!)

What transformation will go next to your name?

"Working with Robin made my tasks so much fun!"


"I could have worked on my resume and interview skills by myself, and I did, but applying for a stretch position, I wanted to get my material into the best shape I could! Robin found many areas to improve my resume. Her detailed suggestions and nose for unearthing compelling data points I had totally forgotten about made my resume more powerful. Her insight into my strengths filled me with confidence going into the interview. And I got the job!"

Holly T., Portland, OR

Chief Medical Officer, Mount Hood Hospital

Twitter @HollyTse1