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The Light in the Well

We were falling down a well, not scary falling, but still descending rather quickly. I realized that the well was like a column going deep into my heart. As we went deeper and deeper, I began to feel more and more afraid. The fear was mounting.


I said to God, “We've been falling for a long time.”


He said, “There's a lot of fear in here.”


Finally, we got to the bottom. It was soft like a bed of sand. In the middle was dancing a very small yellow flame, blue at the center. God sat down cross-legged, and I sat down opposite him. He cupped his hands together, and the little flame jumped up into his palms. It looked very fragile.


He said, “Robin, this is the light in your heart.”


I was afraid because it looked so small and vulnerable.

He said, “Robin, nothing can put out this light.” Suddenly, he clapped his hands together, smashing the flame to nothing.


I jumped and drew in my breath.


But when he opened his hands, the flame returned. Then he blew on it as hard as he could. The flame sputtered for a moment then reappeared.

He stood up. So did I. Normally he is barefoot, but he was wearing heavy work boots. He threw the flame to the ground and stamped on it.


I gasped.


When he raised his boot, there was nothing. For a millisecond, I feared I had lost the flame forever. But then it struggled back up, like a campfire fighting for life in a strong wind.


He said, “Nothing, nothing can ever put out this flame.”


We sat back down again, he on one side of the flame and I across from him on the other. He cupped the flame back up into his hands again and raised it to my chest.


“Do you want this light inside you?” He asked.

I nodded. I couldn't speak.


He brought the flame closer until it was just an inch away from my heart. Then it made a quick leap and disappeared into my chest. Suddenly I felt warm inside and whole and full in a way that I never had before.

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