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"Robin is an absolute gem, and I adore working with her! She has great energy and an amazing eye for detail; she pulls things together I would never think of."

Brennan H., Professional Model

Instagram: @b_models

Charlotte, NC

Style By The Stars
Use your astrology to empower your personal style

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Michael Weller

The average adult spends an astonishing 280,000 hours wearing clothes. You could say life is too short for clothes that don't inspire, but, in fact, it might be that life is too long to wear clothes that don't bring out your best energies!

What if you could change your life with what you wear?

What if you showed yourself instead of hide?

What if you could have peace, joy, energy, and love just by choosing your outfit (something you do every day anyway)?

Do you know what helps you feel amazing?

Astro-style goes beyond standard advice for your body type or skin tone to identify what brings out your most enjoyable self!


"Robin is a delightful creative partner who always delivers! I had the good fortune to work with her on a vintage-style photoshoot.  Her historical knowledge of vintage clothing and designers is extensive… and she provided wonderful outfits and accessories that highlighted the models' best qualities.  I have since worked on several shoots with Robin, and she has always exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her as a stylist!"

Michael Weller

Michael Weller Photography, Vancouver, WA


Styled by the Stars considers your natal astrology chart, including your Venus sign / house, and aspects as well as stellium energy and, of course, your sun sign to identify exactly what you can wear to feel amazing!

Through your natal chart analysis, we incorporate:

  • colors, styles, fabrics (choose from what's already in your closet)

  • styling for your favorite pieces and current wardrobe staples

  • practical clothing requirements (kid-proof your stylish wardrobe!)

  • real-world actions to turn your best energies into solid habit

How does it work?

  1. You complete my short application / pre-work

  2. I do your natal chart analysis

  3. We schedule 2 2-hour Zoom sessions 2 weeks apart where we:

  • Present natal chart energy clothing, color, and style recommendations

  • Discuss your clothing preferences, and boost the volume on whatever you already love!

  • Tackle any style obstacles – body shaming, lack of confidence, ruts that have been sucking you in the last 10 years!

  • Build at least 3 fabulous style combinations - clothing and accessories -  that you can mix and match to inspire future outfits

  • Develop your Foundation Style Structure so that you pick your perfect outfit in a snap!

All sessions are recorded, and you'll receive a link to download so you can re-watch at our convenience!

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I hope you'll join me for an invigorating, uplifting, and enjoyable style journey!


"Robin's input and suggestions made me feel amazing! The clothes and accessories Robin helped me choose for my headshots and interview got me ready to present my best self. I learned more about how to dress my body type to feel comfortable and look stylish. We had so much fun together, and the time flew by. And I ended up getting the job!"

Holly T., Chief Medical Officer

Mt. Hood Hospital, Gresham, OR

If you like clothing and jewelry rituals, let me know, and we'll put one together for you!

Extra services available for hire include

  • Headshot and Photoshoot Styling

  • Closet Cleanout and Design

  • Interview Suit Consultation

  • Jewelry Box Organization

You are a good fit for this program if you're

Ready to make actual changes in your style choices

Willing to heal parts of you that are scared to feel good (no hiding!)

Enjoy experimenting with clothing and accessory options

Willing to try new style choices even if it stretches your comfort zone

Want to co-create with spirit and step into your empowered self


Michael Weller



Everyone who signs up gets a free Troubleshoot Your Natal Chart Analysis! 

Get on the pathway to transformation by identifying persistent trouble spots and harnessing planetary energies that need support in your life.

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