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Rune Readings
and Teaching

Come away with me to the snowy woods of dark age Europe where sages and spiritual workers huddled by the flickering firelight to decipher runic messages. As a symbolic alphabet, runes are far more than simply  a way to communicate:

Eystein owns me

My darling, kiss me

Or my favorite...
warrior warrior warrior Maria


(All examples from the Bryggen rune sticks, found in the medieval neighborhood of Bergen, Norway.)

Today, we can use these profound symbols for meditation, intention setting, enhancing our understanding of ourselves, and receiving messages the universe has to send us.

My preference is to use runes as enhanced energies in:


  • An archetypal rune casting

  • A Lenormand or tarot card reading


We can ask any questions you want - like queries about jobs, relationships, or daily issues - or we can open ourselves up to messages of divine love and encouragement about your inner self or life path.

If you are already familiar with rune work but need extra encouragement, information, or ideas about incorporating it, I also provide rune teaching and instruction to help you harness these powerful tools.

We can even combine a little of reading and teaching so you walk away with new skills as well as an answer to your original question.


Runes have changed my life - I love to pass the power on!

Note: My expertise mostly focuses on the popular Elder Futhark runes, but my techniques can be used with any set of runes you prefer. 

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