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April 8 - Take the Positive Presence Pledge

On behalf of my clients at Oregon Episcopal School, the goal is to reach out to 1 million people to share and be mindful of having a positive presence on April 8th.

Here are some more messages from this campaign. You can find 30 more on their website. I strongly urge you to sign up for their mailing list - see link below.

  • Day 1. Look in the mirror and thank your imperfections for making you perfect.

  • Day 6. Appreciate nature. Feel the abundance given to all beings, including you.

  • Day 16. Acknowledge that failures are true blessings in disguise. You will be surprised by the opportunities they bring.

  • Day 24. Share your idea to make a better world and watch the seed grow.

For more encouragement, sign up for their mailing list.

Stay tuned for future projects, including a workbook for high school students and a textbook for English language learners. I am so proud of my clients for this contribution to help us all feel more positive in these difficult times. It's an inspiration that the beautiful things inside of us can come out and enrich ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. I hope you are finding a way to bring your own positive presence into the world every day.

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