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Everything's on a journey - even stuff!


Just as people should be valued and renewed - not discarded - when they begin to feel their age, we believe that used items can be given new life. Our world is already full of beautiful things just waiting to be loved. At Spiritsaid Style, we upcycle, recycle, or thrift as many of our supplies, products, and shipping materials as much as possible.


If part of your  journey involves reusing and recycling instead of buying new, Spiritsaid Shop has something for you. Live your happiest, most fulfilling life, express your personal style, save the environment, or inspire everyone you meet,  Proclaim your beliefs and hopes for our beautiful world.


We do custom work. Contact us if you have a leather item where you'd like a message painted: your favorite message or one of ours.


lampshade fringe beads

vintage lucite beads

donated bracelet beads

Thrifted sweaters becoming a finished hat

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