Intuitive Coaching

Have you ever had something happen and thought "How am I going to grow from this?" Or "What am I supposed to learn?" Or even, "How do I stay calm and find my way forward?"


If you are you interested in... have come to the right place!


I specialize in translating Astrology,  Lenormand Card, and Rune information into exactly that.


Prepare to take notes or listen to your reading recording multiple times because it will be studded with useful insights and suggestions!


If you're trying to find ways to decrease anxiety, understand your inner excellence, increase your connection with your divine source / inner self / higher wisdom, or know how to make progress with life's challenges, you've come to the right place!

Counseling thousands of people from many faith backgrounds, I’ve learned to help my clients develop approaches that fit their beliefs, or expand them if that's what's needed. It's my place to support you as you find your solutions. Revealing obstacles and blockages helps us develop practical steps to your next stage of growth.


Anxious, uncertain, or sticky spots on life's journey are often exact moments when the universe ushers in a new and deeper understanding of how amazing you really are and how to get the most out of your fullest life.


I'd be honored to help you experience that.

The astrology reading was amazing! I trusted Robin's intuition. By the end, she had answered questions about my career I didn't even know I had. Today my director invited me to a meeting about exactly the four topics Robin had brought up. I wouldn't have been so confident if it wasn't for the reading! Then the director asked me to join the committee. I was like...OMG Robin is spot on!!!

Isa B., Oranjestad, Aruba

practical ideas

concrete tips

specific steps 

understanding your potential 

harnessing your strengths

finding harmony on your path


Cosmic Sky

SPIRIT SAID: Information

INSIGHT ~ identify personal strengths and challenges

UNDERSTANDING ~ see the road ahead

CLARITY ~ hone your best strategies

KNOWLEDGE ~ let past difficulties fuel future growth

RECOGNITION ~ know who you are and what you want to be

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