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Church Building
Rune Divination
Spiritual Discovery

Decrease anxiety
and increase confidence

"Robin is one of the most trusted speakers and teachers among my colleagues. She is always a wealth of good knowledge as well as a highly evolved spiritual individual suited to assist other people's development. I am very privileged to have attended her classes!"

Audrey Lee, Owner

Spiritual Gifts Astrology 

Embrace your inner self 

"I loved everything I learned in the reading! It all resonated and was very helpful. It was fascinating to learn about astrology. I'm excited to dig in and research more. Robin gave me lots of ideas about making progress on my spiritual path, even suggesting how I could incorporate my love of nature and involve my family. We also went over suggestions for  releasing old wounds and healing my family lineage. It was so fun, and I learned a lot."

Mindy S., North Bend Minnesota

Lenormand Cards
Life Mapping
 Find keys to life's challenges

"Her knowledge of the Lenormand card deck is incredible. I learned so much more! Robin's reading for me was very insightful. Her intuition is amazing. I look forward to learning more from her!"

Nicole O., Denver, CO