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"Honestly, I feel like the insights you shared with me are the first branch or root I've been able to grab hold of that can actually bear weight as I try to drag myself out of the left-brain 'analysis paralysis' quagmire I've been stuck in for so long."

Lissa B., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"If you are ready to find the help needed to explore the parts of yourself that you keep hidden and to reframe them into unique points of power, Robin is your Person."

Joseph B. S.,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"Thank you for explaining how all the planets and signs contribute to my interpretation. Some other astrologers haven't really explained my chart to me. They just give the interpretation, but understanding how it all came together really helped me. "

Denise J., Springfield, MO


Have you ever wanted to uncover your true self?
To find solutions from your own gifts and strengths?​

Why is this happening in my life now?

How can I improve my relationships, have more career success, feel more personally fulfilled?

What are my spiritual gifts?

How can I decrease fear, anxiety, and distress or heal from trauma?

Learn my super-simple, anyone-can-use-it method to generate testable solutions from your deep self-knowledge.

"Robin is one of the most trusted teachers among my colleagues. She is always a wealth of good knowledge and a highly spiritual individual, suited to assist other people's development. I am very privileged to have attended her classes!"    Audrey Lee, Owner, MetaphysicalHaven

Join our small group coaching program for expert, trauma-informed instruction and a fun, supportive, and insightful community!
Take charge and create a life experience that you will love!

Weekly Schedule:

Tuesdays at 5:30 PT / 8:30 ET - 40-minute lesson + 50-minute Q and A


Replays will be posted to watch if you can't attend live.  If you can't make it, submit questions by email ahead of time and watch the replays for Robin’s answer.

Each group event will be capped at 20 participants to allow plenty of time and attention for your chart!

I'll email Zoom links to registered users only, so we won't have to worry about Zoom bombers. 

Payment is on a sliding scale - donate whatever you can afford.

Program is ongoing - join for as many months as you find helpful.

Sample Lesson Topics:

"Leverage the Power of Your Stellium To Address Life Challenges"

"Learn to Use Your Venus to Improve Relationships and Create Joy"

"Which House System Resonates with You?"

"Learn to Use Your Chiron to Heal Trauma and Decrease Pain"

Ask an astrologer your questions to discover an inspirational, enriching, and solution-oriented approach to your chart.

Support brainstorming solutions

Encouragement for making tough changes

Accountability to stay true yourself and enhance your natural energies

Like most humans, you’ll find it’s easier with people who’ve got your back!


You are a good fit for this program if you're

Ready to make actual changes in your life

Enjoy cheering for others in addition to having them cheer for you

Willing to try unusual new methods and see if they work

Want to leverage the power of your divine or higher-self connection

Want to co-create with spirit and step into your natural self

Think astrology is cool!



Everyone who signs up gets a free Troubleshoot Your Natal Chart Analysis! 

Get on the pathway to transformation by identifying persistent trouble spots and harnessing planetary energies that need support in your life.

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